Hi. My name is Nick Mullen.

I help B2B SaaS companies grow faster by increasing their conversion rates.

Past Results - 25% Increase in Trial-to-Paid Conversion Rate

"From discussions with other founders and reading conversion related websites, we knew that sending targeted, well-timed emails during the trial period was a high value activity. We'd made an initial attempt, but having only limited knowledge and lacking experience, we saw pretty disappointing results. Knowing the theory but being unable to execute on it made us feel like we were leaving money on the table.

At that point, we knew we would have to put aside significant time to learn how to do lifecycle emails properly, and we simply weren't confident that we would achieve the kind of results needed to justify that. As a small team, it's a constant juggling act to make sure we're spending our time as effectively as possible.

So, when Nick contacted us proposing to write our trial emails for us, we jumped on the opportunity, and we're very glad that we did.

Nick's emails permanently increased our trial-to-paid conversion rate by 25%, which resulted in an equal increase in our revenue growth. Getting similar results using other methods of optimization was something we'd spent literally months doing in the past; implementing Nick's trial lifecycle emails took a couple of days. It was a massive result."

-- Nicholas Firth-McCoy, Founder, Paydirt (paydirtapp.com)

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